Vol. 3: Roadworthy

by A Mariner's Hollow

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Songs performed by:

side a
1. "Greyish Tapering Ash", Balmorhea
2. "Not At Home", Peter Broderick
3. "Candle, Spirit, Leave", Grampall Jookabox
4. "Pennies", Paper Bird

side b
5. "Ye Old Leave Behind", Laura Goldhamer
6. "Blood on the Motorway", Alex Dupree
7. "Section V-VI", Chris Schlarb
8. "That I shouldn't have", Jae
9. "Come To Me", Bob Corn

side c
10. "Glory B", Castanets
11. "Route 1", Danny Paul Grody
12. "toothless and hungry", a stick and a stone

side d
13. "That's Us/Wild Combination", The French & Indian War
14. "Snake Seer ", Blood Warrior
15. "Anywhere On This Road", Lhasa De Sela
16. "Safe Travels", Peter And The Wolf

side e
17. "Wheelpusher", Anni Rossi
18. "Rollin Home", Nathan Moore

"Blood on the Motorway" originally by DJ Shadow;
"That's Us/Wild Combination" originally by Arthur Russel
All songs used with permission.


released April 1, 2010

This third edition of the "A Mariner's Hollow" series
is focused around the theme of travel.
I worked on this compilation over the course of
a year in which I traveled nearly all of the time.
And during all this travel, I sometimes had the honor \to tour with other great artists, and sometimes \played with artists who were also traveling.
And I picked up songs here and there that really
spoke to the traveling experience.
This mix represents sort of a soundtrack to my tour.
In keeping with the guidelines of the AMH series,
all of the music presented here is music that I love,
made by people that I have a personal connection to.
And the specific connection I was focused on
while compiling these songs was that of the road.
The songs here share the following in common:
1. All of the songs are about travel in some way,
or at least relate to my feelings connected with traveling.
2. All of the songs are performed by musicians with whom I have traveled or who I have met while we were both traveling.
3. All of the songs are what I would consider good traveling music.
This is a mix I intend especially for the car or train ride.




A Mariner's Hollow Austin

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