Vol. 1: Guests & Hosts

by compiled by C.J. Boyd

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side a:
1. "gone home early", Xn. (ideas without numbers)
2. "Dreaming", Sandro Perri (Plays Polmo Polpo)
3. "Let's stitch this flag", By the End of Tonight (He's home with bones that grow...)
4. "Silouettes and Paperbacks", And The Furies Say (And The Furies Say)
5. "Track Three", Oko Jumu f (insilenceweshout...)
6. "Howdy Doodie Tim", Lafcadio (The Uniform Sound split)

side b:
7. "As The City Burned...", The Ascent Of Everest (How Lonely Sits The City)
8. "The Republic", The Give (Orange Album)
9. "Track 18", Eliot Lipp (25 Beats)
10. "the song becomes blood", Lazarus (Songs For An Unborn Sun)
11. "a unit and 15 ciphers", The Riderless (fallen reverends)
12, "homefullness", Bonfire Madigan (88)
13. "Devil worshipper", Thornton (Had a sword)
14. "the spaces between days (pt 2)", Six parts Seven (Silence Magnifies Sound)

side c:
15. "Hypoxia", The Roots of Orchis (Crooked Ceilings)
16. "Perpetual of the Retired Evermore", Stationary Odyssey (More or less is more)
17. "Music's House", Libby Kirkpatrick (Unreleased)
18. "Loss Of Light", Static Films (Love Of Light)
19. "water", Nilan Perera (Harmless love)
20. "Departure", Mar (The Silence)


released January 1, 2007

The first in a series of compilations that has as its function two main ideas:
1. to promote the music of my friends because I love them.
2. to promote the music of my friends because it is the best music out.

Touring and playing as many shows as I do, I meet so many amazing musicians and bands, and this is my way to share some of those with others. I want each volume to have a theme that reflects both a personal connection, as well as a musical connection. In this first volume, I focus on those folks who have given me a floor or couch or bed to sleep in, and those folks for whom I have done the same. People who tour know what it's like and usually try to help out others on tour. I don't know what I would do without this cycle of hospitality and generosity. Thanks to everyone who has ever put me up or made me food or let me use their shower.




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